GeoSearch2011 - Data table

Displays in a tabular format population counts and other 2011 Census statistical data related to selected 2011 Census standard geographic areas. It is possible to display 2011 Census statistical data for a maximum of five geographic areas (selected geographic area and four previous selections). The Place name, Type, Boundary and Geographic code is shown for each geographic area displayed in the data table. If no geographic area is selected, the current selection defaults to Canada. Each time a 2011 Census standard geographic area is selected, it becomes the current selection, and the former 2011 Census standard selected geographic area is moved to "Previous selection(s)". If a sixth geographic area is selected, the first selected geographic area is dropped to display the five most recently selected geographic areas. Only the current selection is highlighted on the map.

Image of data table


  • To display information in the data table, select an area using the "Select area" button.

  • To have a "Previous selection" geographic area become the "Current selection" geographic area, activate the hyperlink associated with the Place name of a "Previous selection" geographic area.


  • To remove one or more selected geographic areas from the data table, activate the checkbox(es) associated with the selection(s) to be removed and then press the "Remove selection(s)" button.

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