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GeoSearch 2011 - Census Subdivisions (CSD)

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GeoSearch 2011 - Census Subdivisions (CSD)
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Geographic area: Census Subdivision
Geographic code: 2437067

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Table search results for: Trois-Rivières, CANADA
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Place name (Geographic code)
Type Ville ( V ) ...
Boundary CSD ...
Geographic code 2437067
2011 Census
Population and dwelling counts
Population 131,338 33,476,688
Total private dwellings 65,528 14,569,633
Private dwellings occupied by usual residents 61,390 13,320,614
Age and sex Footnote 1
Total - Age and sex 131,33533,476,685
0 to 14 years 17,4705,607,345
15 to 64 years 87,90522,924,285
65 years and over 25,9654,945,060
Male 63,20016,414,225
Female 68,13517,062,460
Census family structure
Total number of census families 36,1359,389,700
Number of married-couple families 16,9006,293,950
Number of common-law couple families 12,9201,567,905
Number of lone-parent families 6,3201,527,840
Number of female lone-parent families 4,8301,200,295
Number of male lone-parent families 1,490327,550
Private household type
Total number of private households 61,39013,320,615
Households containing a couple (married or common-law) with children aged 24 and under at home 11,5003,524,915
Households containing a couple (married or common-law) without children aged 24 and under at home Footnote 2 18,0303,935,540
Lone-parent family households 6,1351,375,450
One-person households 23,1303,673,305
Other household types Footnote 3 2,595811,405
Average number of persons in private households 2.12.5
Marital status
Total population 15 years and over by marital status 113,87027,869,340
Married or living with a common-law partner 60,68016,084,490
Married (and not separated) 34,80012,941,960
Living common-law 25,8803,142,525
Not married and not living with a common-law partner 53,19011,784,855
Single (never legally married) 34,1207,816,045
Separated, but still legally married 1,615698,240
Divorced 9,5401,686,035
Widowed 7,9251,584,530
Occupied private dwelling characteristics
Total private dwellings occupied by usual residents 61,39013,320,615
Single-detached houses 26,3207,329,150
Semi-detached houses 3,885646,245
Row houses 1,510791,595
Apartments or flats in a duplex 5,020704,480
Apartments in a building with fewer than five storeys 22,8552,397,550
Apartments in a building with five or more storeys 1,3201,234,770
Other dwellings Footnote 4 475216,820
Language characteristics
Total population excluding institutional residents 129,71533,121,175
Mother tongue
English 1,48018,858,975
French 124,9707,054,970
Non-official languages 2,4856,567,685
Aboriginal languages 95200,725
Non-Aboriginal languages 2,3906,366,960
English and French 520144,685
English and non-official language 15396,330
French and non-official language 22574,430
English, French and non-official language 2024,095
Knowledge of official languages
English only 17022,564,665
French only 91,4604,165,015
English and French 37,8755,795,575
Neither English nor French 200595,920
Language spoken most often at home
English 90521,457,075
French 126,5856,827,865
Non-official languages 1,2253,673,865
Aboriginal languages 45121,810
Non-Aboriginal languages 1,1853,552,055
English and French 435131,205
English and non-official language 35875,135
French and non-official language 485109,705
English, French and non-official language 4546,330
First official language spoken
English only 1,60024,662,895
French only 127,4607,507,885
English and French 465367,635
Neither English nor French 185582,755


Footnote 1

Return to footnote 1 referrer All counts in census tabulations are subjected to random rounding. More information.

Footnote 2

Return to footnote 2 referrer 'Without children' includes households containing a couple with all children in the home aged 25 and over.

Footnote 3

Return to footnote 3 referrer 'Other' refers to two or more people who share a private household, but who do not consitute a census family.

Footnote 4

Return to footnote 4 referrer Includes other single-attached houses, mobile homes and other movable dwellings such as houseboats and railroad cars.

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